simalube – for reliable and cost-effective lubrication


insufficient lubrication can considerably reduce the lifespan of roller bearings and lead to expensive equipment repairs. The use of simalube lubricant dispensers results in significant savings in terms of operational and maintenance costs: the  lifespan of the components is extended, fewer service interventions are required  and the equipment‘s downtime is minimised. There is no longer any need for the laborious manual lubrication.

Benefits of the compact single-point lubricant dispenser:

  • cost-effective – reduces maintenance costs
  • environmentally friendly and refillable
  • Universal use – suitable for a variety of applications

Calculation Pro
An online calculation program is available at ( simalube/calculation pro).

This tool calculates the right setting for the simalube lubricator if you enter the precise operating parameters.

Apps, iOS and Android platform, are also available.
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simalube 小保姆 產品樣本書 (中文)
simalube catalogue (English)
simalube 小保姆 用户手冊
simalube user manual (English)