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Available in 5 sizes, simalube supplies various lubrication points with lubricant around the clock. Day in, day out – for up to one year.

Minimal quantity lubrication with the smallest simalube lubricator

In confined spaces, the 15 ml simalube offers the perfect solution. With its compact size, it is unique on the global market as the smallest automatic lubricator. It functions the same as the larger simalube lubricators and offers the same advantages.

Small size delivers big performance

Unlimited range of uses

Space-saving thanks to compact size
In confined and hard-to-reach spaces
In any location, even underwater
At ambient temperatures of –20 °C to +55 °C
Numerous installation options thanks to a large range of accessories


Freely selectable dispensing cycle of 1 to 12 months
Dispensing cycle can be modified anytime
simalube is available filled or empty for self-filling


Lubrication points are continuously supplied with lubricant
No lubrication point is missed

Environmental sustainability

simalube can be refilled up to 3 times
Easy disposal at the end of the dispensing cycle
simalube lubricators do not contain toxic substances

simalube: Price performance winner

Optimized lubricant delivery

Continuous lubricant delivery with simalube effectively prevents the lack of lubrication or overlubrication that often occurs with manual lubrication.

Cost savings thanks to simalube

Time savings and increased work safety thanks to lower maintenance requirements
Longer service life of the machines and less unplanned maintenance effort
Saves up to 30 percent in costs

High customer benefit of simalube lubrication products

No more manual lubrication

Saves time
Greater work safety
Hard-to-reach lubrication points are permanently supplied
Lower lubricant consumption

No under- or over-lubrication of components

Less wear
Less machine downtime
Increased machine performance

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