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simatherm – The perfect solution for the clean and efficient installation of bearings

With simatherm induction heaters, bearings and other circular metal parts can be efficiently heated.
Inductive heating is a fast and clean way to install circular parts onto shafts. It replaces conventional heating methods such as cooking plates, hot oil baths, open flames and ovens. During the heating process, only the workpiece heats up while the heater remains cool. simatherm induction heaters are available for workpieces weighing up to 1200 kg.

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Induction Heater IH 025

Portable induction heater IH 025

The lightweight portable device with excellent performance

Induction Heater IH 070

The popular all-round heater for flexible use

For heating small and medium-sized workpieces

Induction Heater IH 090

The compact heater for serial production

Induction heater with fan cooling for small to medium-sized workpieces

Induction Heater IH 210

The most powerful table-top heater

Suitable for heating large workpieces

Induction Heater IH 240

Maximum performance for all challenging work

Fast and safe heating of very large workpieces

Hot Plate HPS and HPL

Electrical heating plate with temperature control

Specially designed for heating multiple small components